Rights and Responsibilities

Rights and Responsibilities of EVERYONE Who Enters Rainbow Café

Everyone (staff, volunteers, youth, and guests) who enters Rainbow Café is held to the same standards and is expected to follow these rights and responsibilities. Most consequences of not upholding the responsibilities are NOT fixed and will be determined on a case by case basis with an emphasis on problem solving rather than punishment. Violence with the intention of harming someone else, intentional nudity, and bringing guns or illegal substances into Rainbow Café is grounds to ask an individual to immediately leave Rainbow Café. Follow up consequences would be determined later.

  • You have the RIGHT to physical and emotional safety while visiting Rainbow Café.
  • You have the RESPONSIBILITY to maintain that safety for the others in the space.
    • Know where the outside boundaries are and stay within the RC property.
    • Drugs, alcohol, and weapons are never allowed at RC.
    • Slapping, kicking, punching, etc. is not appropriate at RC. (Even if it’s playful, people can get hurt!)
    • Sometimes RC gets LOUD! That’s OK! Just be respectful of our neighbors and individuals who may be sensitive to noise.
    • Be mindful of the language you use. Homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, and other offensive language is not appropriate at Rainbow Café. Even jokes can be unintentionally harmful.
    • Pronouns are to be respected. ALWAYS. Mistakes happen. Correct yourself, apologize, and move on.


  • You have the RIGHT to anonymity.
  • You have the RESPONSIBILITY to maintain anonymity for others.
    • What happens at RC, stays at RC!
    • NEVER out someone to anyone else.
    • YOUTH: Don’t approach other youth outside of RC unless you know for sure that it is OK to do so.
    • VOLUNTEERS: Don’t approach any youth outside of RC unless they approach you first.


  • You have a RIGHT to use the books, food, craft supplies, etc.
  • You have a RESPONSIBILITY to maintain the space.
    • Don’t purposely destroy or waste anything at RC.
    • Clean up your mess! Put craft supplies back after you use them!
    • Throw away your trash! Help out with dishes, vacuuming, or taking out the trash!


  • You have a RIGHT to be heard.
  • You have a RESPONSIBILITY to respect the opinions and ideas of others.
    • Don’t dominate discussions! Make sure everyone gets a chance to use their voice.
    • Disagreements and debate is GREAT… but keep discussions respectful.


  • You have a RIGHT to express your love and affection for others.
  • You have a RESPONSIBILITY to keep things PG.
    • Rainbow Café might be the only safe place you can hold hands or sneak a smooch with your special someone, but understand that RC is not a place to hook up!
    • Refrain from sharing explicit stories at RC. You may be making people around you feel uncomfortable.
    • Feel free to take condoms with you when you leave! And get tested when RC offers free HIV tests.




If you feel safe doing so, respectfully approach the offending person and try to talk it out. If you are approached this way, try to listen to their side before getting defensive.


YOUTH: Let the manager or a volunteer know what is going on.

VOLUNTEERS: Let the manager or head of the RC Human Relations Committee know what is going on.


We ask that everyone at Rainbow Café wear a tag with their name and pronouns in an easily visible location. This helps everyone get to know each other better and prevents unintentional misgendering. Also, please be sure to sign in when you arrive at RC AND sign out as you leave. This helps maintain everyone’s safety.